Here's Your List of the Best White Elephant Gift Ideas to Nail Your Holiday Party

It's the time of year when white elephant gifts are on all of our minds, trying to figure out which hilarious presents are going to win your holiday office party or friends’ gathering. And, while you're probably asking, "what the hell is a white elephant gift exchange, aka Yankee swap," don't worry, pal, we here at FHM have got you covered with our selection of the best white elephant gifts below.


So... What The Hell Is A White Elephant?

A white elephant or a yankee swap is basically like any other gift exchange. You provide a gift to put into a pile for swapping, choose a number to determine when your turn is, choose a new gift to unwrap or steal from your friends, and receive a snazzy new present yourself. There is a catch though. These aren’t typically gifts you’d expect (or want) to receive. This isn’t a Yankee Candle basket or a pair of nice wool socks, but probably a toilet coffee mug or pair of dusty cowboy boots.

Why The Weird Name?

There’s multiple legends about kings and monarchs of Siam who received and gifted white elephants (the animal) to add more problems to their lives. The most realistic story about kings and white elephants had to do with the owners of these massive, grass-eating beasts. They had to tell palace officials about their obese pet so the monarch could approve. The elephant was an extravagant and rather large gift, but also useless and really eats up the budget. So while you’re not going to gift something that’s breathing and pretty much impossible to buy and maintain, the goal is to find a somewhat pointless present.

What Kind Of Presents Do You Buy For A Yankee Swap?

As mentioned above, this isn’t the place for something nice. But we also think a gag gift shouldn’t be completely useless or a waste of money. Something that’s funny but still adds some value to a person’s life is a good bet. We’ve got the perfect list of 72 gifts for you below and even grouped them into categories. You're welcome.

How Do I Avoid One Of These White Elephant Gifts?

Welp, hate to break it to you but this might be inevitable throughout the month of December.

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See more of our favorite white elephant ideas below.