Here's Why Your Nose Runs When It's Cold Outside (As Explained By Science)

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Ah, yes, the age-old question of "why does your nose run when it's cold outside?" It truly is one of life's greatest mysteries. Frankly speaking, knowing the reasoning is great and all, but what we really wish is that we could make it freakin' stop. Is there anything worse than walking into your office with half a pound of snot dripping off your face? Erm, we don't think so. Man, this brief description alone makes us realize just how much we hate Winter. Can someone please bring back Summer already? Possible with some of these bikini moments?

Unfortunately, we've still got about three more months of this snowy-hellscape, so, we might as well learn as much as we can — you know, to prepare in case the white walkers attack. OK, that's unlikely, but, still, knowledge is power, guys. Let's learn something, shall we? According to CNN:

"When inhaling air through the nose at subfreezing temperatures, the air in the back of the nose is usually about 26°C (78.8˚F), but can be as high as 30°C (86˚F). And the humidity of air at the back of the nose is usually around 100%, irrespective of how cold the air is we're breathing in. This shows the nose is very effective at making sure the air we breathe becomes warm and wet before it reaches the lungs."

Alright, what does that mean? In layman's terms, that is. Basically the nose is trying to heat up the air you're breathing in before it hits your lungs. If anything, it's sort of sweet. Sure, the mucus is disgusting and definitely doesn't score you any lady points, but, your body is doing the best it can, OK?! CNN continued:

"The cold, dry air stimulates cells of your immune system (called "mast cells") in your nose. These cells trigger the production of more liquid in your nose to make the air more moist. It's estimated you can lose up to 300-400mL of fluid daily through your nose as it performs this function."

Oh, yummy, 300-400mL of snot a day. What a fantastic image! Wouldn't y'all agree? In conclusion, keep some tissues in your pocket, it's really that simple, guys.

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