In Case You're Ever On Jeopardy, This Is Why 'Pounds' Is Abbreviated as 'Lbs'

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To everyone who clicked on this article — thank you! You've made the right decision, I promise. I'm a huge fan of clogging my brain with 'useless' trivia and evidently, you are too — rock on. Sorry, I'm getting overly enthusiastic. I put useless in quotations because that's what other people say. Not me. I'm smart enough to know better. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mrs. Stevens from the 12th grade. Look at me now.

Information like this can come in handy in many ways/places — cocktail parties, trivia night at the gym and as previously stated, JEOPARDY — the options are f'in endless, really. Plus, I genuinely enjoy knowing sh*t that other people don't. In a world where we all mainline the same information from the same sources day in and day out, it's nice to stand out from the crowd a little bit. Then again, now that I'm telling you this, everyone will now...thusly ruining my point. Whatever, you're already here. Learn something, will you?



I'll summarize in text as well, in case you have poor hearing/your headphones are broken on the train. As per Business Insider—""lb" is an abbreviation of the latin word libra. Libra is widely known as the astrological sign for balance. But, it was also part of the roman unit of weight, libra pond, which translates to “pound weight." Britain derived pound from that expression as its unit of measurement and also as a term for its currency because centuries ago, a pound in money was considered equal to the value of a pound of silver. So when pound is abbreviated to "lb," it’s a call back to the original expression."

Interesting stuff, huh? I actually think it'll also make a killer pick up line at the gym (hence the cover photo).

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