Why Sex With An Ex Feels So Good, As Explained By Science

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I don't want to state the obvious here, but your Ex, is your Ex for a reason. There are very few instances of people breaking up and it being a mistake. Chances are if either (or both) parties in the relationship were able to muster up the words, "I think we should end this" than it's a done deal. I'm sorry if that seemed harsh, but it's the truth

A breakup shouldn't be used as a threat or a means of toying with your partner, it should be permanent. So why is it then that SO many people are susceptible to getting back together with their Exes, even if for the night.

Well, I have some good and bad news. Good news is, it's not technically your fault. Bad news is, there's really nothing you can do to change or control it.

According to Neuroscientists at Northwestern University:

"Orgasms feel so good because sexual stimulation sends the brain into an altered state of consciousness; it blocks everything else, and allows us to solely focus on the sensation. Sex releases neurochemicals that forge emotions, feelings of attachment, and even love, according to Psychology Today. The level of pleasure we feel is connected to the release of the chemicals, which can be used to measure the intensity of our orgasm."

In laymen's terms, it's saying that good sex feels even more pleasurable because the connection is already there. You know how women are known to say, "sex is so much better when you love someone"? Well, they ain't wrong, fellas and science says so.

But just because it's going to feel great, doesn't mean you should do it! Fight those urges as much as possible:

"A 2009 study in the journal Personal Relationships found partners who stay broken up were more likely to report greater clarity in their lives than those who hook up with their exes. The researchers at Kansas State University noted couples in a cyclical relationship tended to be more impulsive about relationship shifts, like moving in together, buying a pet together, or having children together, compared to their counterparts."

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