Why Sexting Will Re-Energize Your Relationship

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Being in a relationship is amazing, but, after a while, it can be tough to maintain the same spark and passion that was there early on. That's OK, though, because, naturally, as you learn and know more about your significant other, you will both be less surprised at what the other says or does.

But, because no one wants to fall into a stale relationship, it's important to try to counteract those feelings and comfortability by tossing in a little bit of a curveball—yep, I'm talking about sexting.

While most people might think sexting is strictly reserved for those random strangers we meet on dating apps to entertain ourselves through a boring night, we're telling you not how, but why sexting with your significant other will re-energize your relationship and make you both feel closer than ever.

It's Naughty

First and foremost, that teacher that you're dating isn't the sweet and innocent woman she poses as during the school day, and if you don't already know that by now, sexting with her will absolutely get it out of her. Look, we're all told what's supposed to be right and wrong, and we all know the risk factor in sending nude pics and crude texts to another person—whether we trust them or not. Sexting brings out the inner freak in us all, allowing us to role play without feeling completely embarrassed in person.

It Builds Trust

According to a recent study from Drexel University’s Women’s Health Psychology Lab, nearly 88 percent of people in their study admitted to sexting, with 75 percent of those being in committed relationships. That's important to know, because it means that, when trusted with another person, you're more willing to get the goods to make you feel good.

It's Passionate, Even When You're Not Physically Together

When in a committed relationship, there's almost nothing worse than being apart from them. Sure, it's important to maintain some space so not to get burned out, but when you go days or week away from one another, it takes a physical and emotional toll. That's where sexting can help you both out, though, as it gives you each the chance to describe exactly what you're doing to yourself and, more importantly, what you want to be doing to your partner. It will never replace actual sex, but it is a solid alternative thanks to pics and videos when apart.

It Will Bring You Closer

Let's face it, sexting your partner while you're out with buddies or family is a little awkward. Likewise, it's weird for your significant other to sneak away and actually snap a pic of themselves in the bathroom of a movie theater. But, because they're getting turned on by the entire conversation and they care about you, they'll do it—and vice versa. That's something the two of you can laugh about together, sharing weird stories and, possibly, even pushing the envelope to see the strangest place you can send a naughty pic/video/text.

It Unlocks Hidden Secrets

Just when you thought your significant other was totally against being spanked, while sexting them, they talked about how they loved doing it to themselves so much during the steamy conversation that they can't wait for you to do it yourself. This isn't uncommon, as many people are afraid of trying something new in the moment, but, when alone, might give it a go just to see how it feels. Describe what you want to do to your partner through sexting, and, who knows, it might actually come true for you once you're together.

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