From Spongebob To Pikachu, There's A Psychological Reason Behind Cartoon Characters Being Yellow

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Spongebob, The Simpsons, Pikachu, The Minions—what's one thing these cartoon characters all have in common other than being relatively annoying? Come on, you read the title, didn't you? They're all yellow (to the tune of Coldplay).

Turns out, there's AN ACTUAL REASON behind their coloring, it's not just a stylistic choice and honestly, thank God, could you imagine if Spongebob were red and The Simpsons were pink? The horror!

As per the fellas over at Unilad and explained by ChannelFrederator —television and cartoons are actually based on the color wheel of light (green, blue and red) as oppose to our more familiar primary colors. Using the new color wheel, a set of new complimentary colors are created, making yellow and blue a perfect pair.

That would also explain why the background is so often blue in many cartoons, or why many of these yellow characters have blue hair, blue eyes, or blue outfits.

In addition to the color wheel, yellow in accordance with color psychology ignites feelings of happiness and joy, where as red and blue are most commonly associated with negative emotions like sadness and anger.

Think of Disney Pixar's Inside Out as a reference. If you haven't seen that movie, we have nothing further to discuss. Seriously, it's a phenomenal film. I was home one night eating Chipotle (veggie burrito bowl with a shit ton of cholula, to be exact) with my boyfriend when we came across Inside Out on TV. There was literally nothing else on so I figured f-ck it, how bad could it be? I kid you not, it was the most intelligent, enjoyable, riveting movie I've seen in roughy 10 years. Kudos to Pixar, they did the damn thing!!

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