Here's Why Spicy Foods Burn Going In (And Coming Out) Of The Human Body

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SciShow's YouTube channel released a video entitled, "Why Does Spicy Food Burn When You Poop?" Up until that point, I hadn't really wondered why? I just accepted it for the hard reality that it is. Then I became intrigued. Why don't I know this? Shouldn't it be common knowledge why your poop burns after downing that burrito doused in fiery hot sauce? Isn't that the sort of information all lovers of spicy food should take pride in?

I decided it was time to find out so I can carry that information with me and share it with spice lovers at large.


Well, to hear that my anus and my mouth share biological similarities was pretty alarming. It certainly takes the phrase, "talking shit" to a whole new literal level. As with most things biological, there are obviously people more immune or tolerant to spicy food, which would explain why you've met people who have never had the burning sh*ts in your life. Lucky them, right?

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