Man Loses 200 Pounds To Live Out Goal Of Serving In U.S. Army, Deserves A Salute From Us All

Image via NBC News

Here at FHM, we love success stories. You know, the ones where, as men, we can look at ourselves in the mirror and remember that, as "great" as we think we are, there are people out there who are really doing some amazing things in their lives.

That's not to say you nor I aren't amazing in our own right — we are, promise — but I've got a feeling that this story about a man named William Guinn Jr. from Abilene, Texas will make you proud to be an American.

According to a report from KTAB, Guinn Jr. didn't just transform his body, losing 200 pounds in the process, but he did so because he wanted to live out his dream of joining the U.S. Army.

Talk about major goals, right?

Officially sworn in to the Army during a Thursday ceremony last week, William Guinn Jr. went from an incredible 456 pounds to 230, working hard and staying disciplined in order to reach his ultimate goal of representing his country.

Looking at himself in the mirror back in February, 2016, William knew he wanted to — and, probably, needed to — make a change with his life. That's when he decided to join Planet Fitness, going six days a week and working with trainers and nutrition experts to slim down and work towards his goal. Hell, the guy was so dedicated that he'd go on hour-long runs after an intense, two-hour workout with a trainer.

So, how'd he do it? In a Facebook post back in April, William Guinn Jr. made it sound pretty simple:

I don't know about you, but William sure does make losing 200 pounds sound easier said than done, doesn't he? I mean, "just dieting, eating right, and gym 6 days a week," isn't something most people can just do on their own — especially one who was over 450 pounds and, presumably, had never done something like that before in his life.

William can now look at himself in the mirror and be proud of the hard work he dedicated himself to, living out his dream of being in the U.S. Army — which is something he wanted to do to honor his grandparents, which was his motivating factor.

Congrats to you, William Guinn Jr., you make us all proud to be an American.


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