WinItWednesday: Work Out On This Bowflex Treadmill We're So Kindly Giving Away, Because That Beer Belly Ain't A Case of Bloat!

It’s Wednesday. So win some free shit already—I am a machine, I will work out every damn day, I’ve been cultivating mass all wrong.

Oh, hey guys. Sorry, we were just saying our daily affirmations into our computer camera. But we also wanted to tell you about today’s chance to win a treadmill from Bowflex! But it ain’t any old treadmill, if you catch our drift. It’s their latest model, the Bowflex® BXT216! And you should definitely check it out because, if you’re like us, this summer had us guzzling back beer like it was going extinct and eating enough of our body weight in ribs we swear our own sweat started to taste like barbecue sauce.

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So, consider winning this thing, because there are a lot of features that make it smarter than any other home gym equipment you got suckered into buying. For one, it has a Burn Rate console that displays all of your total calories burned per minute. And if you don’t know what to do on your treadmill, it can suggest eleven pre-programmed workouts.

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This treadmill will literally whip your ass into shape since it tracks and stores data for up to four people, including your college friend who’s been shopping around that invention he had since you two were fifteen. And the treadmill gets even more technically advanced since it can sync with the RunSocial™ app — a virtual reality technology that allows you to run through scenic locations across the globe alone or with other runners while tracking pace and distance.

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If you’re worried about it being a clunky hunk of junk, please don’t (it's not junk). It has a quiet 4.0 CHP motor, folds easily so it doesn’t jab you in the groin every time you bump into it, and is surprising supportive for your joints if you feel like an old fart lately. Plus, it’s worth $1,799, and we know you probably don’t have that much cash lying around.

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Forget the gym membership and stick with this thing, would you. Enter for a chance to win it HERE and get rid of the beer belly before Oktoberfest starts.