WinIt Wednesday: You Probably Want This Free Laptop That Weighs Less Than Your Brain, Seriously!

Your laptop. Yeah, the one you painstakingly type on when working on that screenplay you’ve been putting off for years at the overpriced coffee shop down the street. The laptop covered in outdated stickers you’ve given up on removing, calling it nostalgic irony. The laptop you’re still using since college and haven’t cleared its cache in years so it’s slower than sh— it’s probably on its way out by now. Time to chuck it!


So if you’re in the market for a new laptop, computer, whatever you want to call it, might we suggest the Macbook Air laptop. It’s the lowest-costing Apple notebook on the market, retailing for $999. It’s “cheap” for laptops, but, really, who has an extra grand laying around? If we did we’d most likely blow it on eating out every night or a trip to see the Northern Lights and sleep with polar bears or something. Priorities.

But, you’re in luck because we’re giving one (1) lucky S.O.B. the chance to win a MacBook Air 13-Inch Laptop with a 1.8GHz processor and 128GB of storage! You’d probably like to know what your future favorite laptop is capable of, huh? Here’s a healthy helping of technical mumbo-jumbo:

That is a good-looking list of features, wouldn’t you agree? There has to be at least one or two that stick out to you — our favorites being the Core i5 and i7 processors (we need to be able to marvel at our witty articles at a moment’s notice, so we’re not going to wait for no load time. And we call ourselves millennials?) and the fact that it weighs less than the human brain (Fun fact: The human brain weighs around three pounds). Let’s get you in the running to becoming a winner!

Enter right HERE for your chance to win. It’s going to be glorious when you do, so make sure to let us know if it happens so we can get started on figuring out a way to virtually chest-bump you. Cool? Cool.

Note: This article is not endorsed by Apple Inc., even though we wish it was.