WinIt Wednesday: Handy Or Not, Enter For A Chance To Win A $100 Ace Hardware Gift Card

Winter’s officially here, guys, and we weren’t going to say it, but we are. In the past participle tense. So here it goes: Winter has come! Throw on an extra pair of socks. Pour some whiskey in that coffee thermist you got for Christmas. And take off that Santa hat already, will ya! We have a long winter ahead of us and need a few items to get through this cold-ass weather. So, now’s your chance to win a $100 Ace Hardware Gift Card to spend on a bunch of big-boy toys.


If you're still using a dull screwdriver to jimmy open a jar of pickles, and if you call the bottle opener on your keychain your most-used tool to date, it’s time to re-evaluate your Mr. Fix-It skills by getting real gear from Ace — it is the place with the helpful hardware, after all! Obviously, Ace has hammers, wrenches, all that neat tool stuff. But it’s also fully stocked with bigger and better appliances and equipment you’ll actually want to use, like Weber grills, YETI coolers (beers always needs to be cold), snow blowers, and more to get you through any cold front.

If you want this Ace gift card already, submit your entries before January 31, 2018. Enter now!