How To Defrost Your Windshield (In Seconds) Using Basic Household Items

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It's safe to say that anyone who experiences colder climes during the winter season understands the true pain of defrosting a windshield. It may seem pretty trivial, but there's really nothing worse than sitting in your half-frozen car patiently waiting for the damn thing to heat up while slowing losing feeling in your limbs. Here at FHM, we're pretty big proponents of making our reader's lives easier and that's why when we came across this ingenious D.I.Y. windshield defroster spray, we just had to share it with y'all. It's pretty commonplace for a lot of "life hacks" on the internet to be overly-complicated. Sure, they might work, but if you have to leave the house to buy 65 different products, it's not really a life hack, is it? Fortunately, this solution is hardly that. In fact, you guys might just end up thanking us.

A weatherman for WATE ABC News in Knoxville, Tennessee who's name, ironically enough, is Ken Weathers, shared his go-to #ProTip and we've gotta say, we can't wait to test this out. Take a look:

No matter how dead-broke you might be, there's a solid chance you have rubbing alcohol somewhere in your house. If you don't, then one of your neighbors (especially if they have children) should! To reiterate, you take two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water, throw it into a spray bottle and — voila! You just shaved minutes off your morning commute, which, as we all know, is super crucial come winter time. In the event you really can't get our hands on some rubbing alcohol, you can buy some here for less than 10 bucks. You're welcome! Save travels, guys.

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