How To Make Use Of All The Empty Wine Bottles Your Girlfriend Leaves Around (Video)

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Househould Hacker is a great YouTube channel to subscribe to if you find yourself wondering how to make use of all the useless sh-t you have laying around your house. Who wouldn't want to know how to build a rocking horse out of paperclips? I'm just kidding, no such tutorial exists (not yet, anyway). However, this particular video is pretty awesome in teaching viewers how to make the most of empty wine bottles.

I'm not going to lie, I've been known to rack up a pretty decent collection and I would love to have someone take them and turn them into something beautiful, as opposed to me shamefully walking to the recycling bin to throw them away in disguise.

Now, I'm only saying this as someone who isn't crafty or handy (or really coordinated in any way), it doesn't matter if you're male or female, if you can use tools without fear of decapitation then have at it! Personally, I think I'll be commissioning someone to make me the wine lamp, but I was thinking of illuminating an entire room with wine lamps. How many do you reckon that would take? I guess it depends on the size of the room, but I'd venture to say 10 at the very least. Too bad it's Monday or I'd get started right now.

Additionally, as sort of a PSA, while wine is a cheap and easy drunk, it's a wicked hangover, like "I think I'm going to die today" type of hangover, so maybe start looking into what you can do with vodka bottles. Then again, the video description mentions bottles generically. I think I'm promoting alcoholism. You can really use any bottle you'd like! I can't think of anything that comes in a bottle that isn't fermented or distilled, but I'll get back to you with that another time.

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