How To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew (Note: Solid Way To Impress The Ladies)

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It seems a bit odd that someone would buy a bottle of wine, not knowing if they have a way to open it, but hey! We all do odd shit from time to time. I for one have never had this problem—oh wait, yes I have, in college. Not sure if that really counts, as no one is a fully-formed human in college, but I digress. I recall pushing the cork down into the wine and haphazardly drinking it while simultaneously picking cork out of my teeth.

Don't do what I did! Do better! If you happen to have a bottle of vino with no corkscrew, don't fret! There are much better alternatives than cork-flavored wine.

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According to The Sun there are 3 effective wine opening hacks that only require basic household items.

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Keyed Up

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I've Got Wood

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