WinItWednesday: The Bowflex Has Come A Long Way Since Those Cheesy Infomercial Days (And We Totally Want It)

Image via YouTube

We’ll gladly swap Hump Day for WinIt Wednesday!

Case and point: the Bowflex. You’ve probably come home at an odd hour in the morning, decided to Google old ‘80s infomercials (who doesn’t?), fed Kraft Mac ’N Cheese down your gullet, and mindlessly watched the hypnotic pelvic thrusts and bench presses of some random dude endorsing his beloved Bowflex.


That thing looked too legit to quit. And we thought the guy looked enviously beefy. So now that summer is literally sitting right on top of us, how the hell are we going to get six-pack abs and Schwarzenegger-approved arms in a matter of days? Well, those are unrealistic goals and we’re just being dramatic. But for real, we wouldn’t think twice about kicking out our roommate in order to make room for a bona fide Bowflex.

Why, looky here! You could win a Bowflex of your own and here’s how [Insert cheesy game show theme song]. In all seriousness, we’re giving away one Bowflex® HVT™ machine for the at-home total-body workout you’ve always wanted, with a few extra 21st century features!

We’re all about saving time and balancing work with pleasure, so your gym routine should be short, sweet, and effective. Complete a cardio and strength workout in just 18 minutes—it’s called velocity training and you should be into it—and possibly film an infomercial of your own! Bowflex even has built-in Bluetooth® smart technology so you can access the free HVT app on your smartphone and keep your fitness goals on track. It’s like having a personal trainer with you at all times if that wasn’t creepy.

Make someone like Arnie proud (and maybe even a little jealous) if you enter now, right here.