Woman Banned From Moaning Too Loudly During Sex At Home Offers Her Neighbors A Hilarious Proposition

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I work from home pretty much every single day, so I'd be pretty pissed off if one of my neighbors stuck their head in my business and told me that I couldn't do my job because it disturbs them. And while I'm just listening to music while writing, one lady—23-year-old porn star Natalie Hot—is having some serious beef with her neighbors after they said that she moans too loudly during sex at her house.

According to Mirror, Hot's neighbors filed a complaint to the court about the noise, but the x-rated actress is fighting the decision by saying it restricts her right to work from home, per Mirror.

A porn star banned from loud sexual moaning at her home is fighting the decision in court - saying it restricts her right to work from home.

Raunchy noises emanating from the residence of x-rated actress Natalie Hot, 23, had driven her neighbors crazy.

Following complaints a court imposed the ban - but Ms Hot bears no grudges and has tried to make peace with her neighbors by inviting them all to a swingers' party at her house.

The court in Munich, the capital city of the German state of Bavaria, upheld complaints that the noise that she made was disturbing the peace.

But this is where the story takes a hilarious twist, because, according to that Mirror article, Natalie Hot invited the complaining neighbors to a swingers party at her house as a way to make peace—which is an incredible proposition if you ask me!

From her side Natalie said she was trying to patch up differences by inviting all of her neighbors over to a swingers’ party at her house, saying: "It would have been fun."

However the court failed to accept her side and ruled against her, saying the moaning ban was justified.

Unfortunately, the courts upheld the ruling that her moaning was too disruptive, as neighbors claimed that she was actually running a full-fledged business, which broke the rules of her rental property.

Damn, a double whammy for Natalie, as the courts shutdown her request to overturn the decision and the neighbors didn't want to take part in her swingers invite. Talk about a bad day.

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