Woman Drops 100 Pounds After Her Cheating Husband Called Her Fat, Looks Absolutely Incredible

Image via Instagram

I have zero time for cheaters—something I've said plenty of times before, giving numerous reasons why I feel so strongly about people who feel it necessary to crush someone's emotions after leading them to believe both parties were being faithful.

That said, when a cheater also happens to be a jackass who calls his then wife fat because she gained a few pounds following pregnancy—like the former husband of 34-year-old Houston woman Betsy Ayala—there are few things worse.

The good news? Betsy was so hurt, so upset and so motivated to get revenge on her former husband that she's dropped 100 pounds in three years—and she looks incredible.

After tipping the scales at 262 pounds back in 2013 following the birth of her daughter, Betsy said she found messages from her former husband to his mistress that blatantly attacked her weight, via DailyMail.

"I found out through some messages I read on his Facebook where they were calling me a cow and a fat f*ck and just trashing me and my whole world fell apart."

It was at that moment that she vowed to make a change, dropping over 100 pounds since thanks to regular exercise and a changed diet, swapping sugary snacks for healthy shakes.

She said: "I didn't know what to do with myself at the time. I was still over 200lbs with a 6-month-old and everything that I had worked for had just vanished."

Now I honestly feel that what he did was a blessing because otherwise I would have been the way I was forever.

"I prayed all the time for my life to change and my prayers were answered just maybe not in the way I envisioned but I got a second shot at a fresh start and I'm grateful for that."

"It's changed everything in my life."

"I would cry after every workout and it was then that I decided that this wouldn't not define me and I was going to change for me and for my daughter."

"I wanted her to be proud of her mum and I wanted to be an example for her."

After struggling with her weight since she was a teenager, Betsy Ayala transformed herself during, arguably, the toughest moment of her life. Telling DailyMail that she's "happier, I'm confident and most of all I'm positive," she was able to turn something that could have crushed her into something that will forever changed her life for the better. Kudos to her for doing so.


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