Woman Dubbed As 'World's Sexiest Firefighter' Has Some Extremely Hot, Fiery And Smokin' Pics

Guys, meet Gunn Narten, a Norwegian firefighter who has been dubbed as the "world's hottest," by people around the Internet thanks to her scorching hot pics that, quite possibly, could start a fire on their own!

Narten, who also works as a personal trainer when she's not fighting flames, has scooped up over 61,000 Instagram followers now, with everyone paying close attention to what sexy things she might post next.

And, when it comes to staying in shape and finding balance in her life between saving lives from fires, personal training and working out, the 30-year-old Gunn had this to say, via Daily Star:

"I decided to become a firefighter when I was 19 - I have always loved being active and being part of a team.

"When I found out you could combine this with a physical job, challenging tasks and doing something good for others, the choice was easy.

"I've never regretted it - I absolutely love my job.

Of course, she also talked about how she loves to flaunt what she's got going on physically—and who can blame her? She's all sorts of sexy!

"But when I'm off work, I still love to dress up and be 'girly'."

Here's to Gunn Narten, who really is as hot as fire!


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