Woman Nearly Kills Her Dog With Weed Edible, Making All Stoners Look Really Bad

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Candace Braden, the owner of a 4-year-old boxer/blue heeler mix named Finn decided it to would be a solid idea to take her precious pup to a party this past January.

Before we get into the disturbing details, let's evaluate, shall we?

I have a dog myself. I love my dog. I'd pretty much hangout with him all day, every day. However, am I really in a position to care for him outside of my house? Yeah, I guess. How about when drugs and alcohol are involved? Ha, uh, that's a hard no. Even the most self-sufficient, social, well-behaved dog has no business being at a party in an unfamiliar place. I'm not sure if this is just my personal opinion, but caring for a dog is really not much different than caring for a child and I don't see too many children at the parties I attend.

So what happens next? Well poor Finn was just bouncing around, being cute, as dogs do, when he came across a weed cookie in someone's pocket and ate it. Now this is where I call bullshit. He stuck his head directly into someone's pocket where there was a completely, unwrapped, reachable weed cookie? I doubt it. I'm going to assume he got it off the floor, or some drunken asshat fed it to him because they thought it would be funny.

Candace sat down with The Coloradoan to detail the events that transpired. She found Finn “stiff and unresponsive” the morning after the party and realized later he was suffering from marijuana toxicity. Yes, you read that correctly. The morning after the party. Did she not check on her dog when the party ended? Heavy sigh.

“His jaw was locked. His brown eyes, barely open, couldn’t register his owner’s panicked face. He was high,” the outlet reported of the dog owner’s terrifying experience.

She rushed the typically friendly and energetic pup to an emergency animal hospital when he started to “seize” and “dribble urine.”

“The lethargy and fogginess that might make a pot brownie fun for a human can render a dog incapable of basic functions. In rare cases… a dog can undergo gradual paralysis and die,” the outlet wrote, adding that fatal cases are rare.

Finn was given charcoal to help him vomit out the pot and 12 hours and $1,000 in vet bills later, he was safe to go home.

Alright, so he didn't die, but the point is he could have and that's just not okay! To add insult to injury, The Coloradoan reported veterinarians at Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation about 60 miles north of Denver see between 5 and 10 cases per week of marijuana toxicity in dogs.

Seriously, that's an insane number. If you need to ingest marijuana around your dog, just smoke it! You're making the rest of us look bad.

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