Woman Spends $100K On Surgeries To Look Like Barbie As A Promise To Her Dead Boyfriend

People will do a hell of a lot for love, guys. Hell, part of actually being in love with someone is having the capability to change, adapt and sacrifice things about yourself in order to make a relationship work.

Unfortunately, some people go to extreme changes.

That seems to be what happened with a 24-year-old Brazilian woman named Jennifer Pamplona, who made a promise to her now dead boyfriend to change her appearance to resemble the popular doll Barbie—and she's already spent $100,000 to make the transformation.

According to Daily Star, Jennifer—who's a TV presenter and model—has undergone nearly a dozen different procedures, which includes nine in a matter of 24 hours! The changes were so dramatic that Pamplona's mom didn't even recognize her own daughter.

"Some girls love shopping, buying stuff like bags and shoes, but me I love to go to the doctors for a surgery or procedure, it makes everything perfect," she said.

Jennifer Pamplona had been dating a man who was dubbed the "human Ken doll," and her promise was to "become his Barbie" at one point in her life. Sadly, her ex—Celso Santebanes—died of cancer in 2015, but that hasn't stopped Jennifer from trying to fulfill her promise to him.

Using plastic surgery to help herself cope with the pain of losing her boyfriend, Jennifer Pamplona has undergone liposuction, two breast implants, a rhinoplasty, fat injections into her bottom and thighs, cheek fillers, lip fillers, and veneers.

"I found that plastic surgery took me out of depression, whenever I had something done I became so happy and everything became perfect."

While she has received some criticism for all insane makeover, Jennifer's new look has landed her a new TV show called The Plastics of Hollywood, with the premise about getting "fake looking people" to become famous in Los Angeles.

Hey, this isn't really the way we'd go, but we're not one to judge, so best of luck to Jennifer Pamplona finding whatever it is she's looking for.

Daily Star

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