Woman Tells Chilling Details About Her Close Encounter With A Convicted Serial Killer

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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be in a scary movie—where a serial killer's stalking and chasing you around—this chilling story from a Reddit user who believes she was being watched by well-known murderer Joseph E. Duncan III a decade ago may have you rethink that.

According to The Sun, the woman—who was a fifth-grader and lived in Montana at the time—claims she was just moments from being abducted by Duncan. Here's her story, per Reddit:

So this story happened back when I was in 5th grade in 2005, When I lived in Western Montana. My bedroom was shared with my 2nd grade sister and we had a king size bed that we shared. To describe my house a little, our room was facing the backyard but was a basement room. Basically standing up looking out the window in my room, I was eye level with the ground outside. Up and To the left above my window, I could see onto our deck which looked into our upstairs kitchen. Kind of confusing, but bear with me.

Anyways this particular night my sister and I were having a sleepover and our friend was in the bed with us. When we were falling asleep around 1 am, our friend woke us up to show us that a deer was on our deck. We looked out and we all saw a "deer" on the deck. This was normal in Montana so we laid back down. I guess my friend stayed up staring at it, and she woke us up about 5 minutes later saying she thought it was actually a person. Right then, we looked and we saw the shadow move a little and it was CLEARLY a tall person's silhouette.

We started freaking out, and then we saw two green laser lights. They were just two small pinpoint lights that were coming from the guys head area. We all thought it was binoculars. At this point we were on high alert. And our eyes had adjusted a little and we saw it was clearly a guy looking into our kitchen window.

I was too scared to go tell my parents all the way upstairs, and pass the view of the guy looking in the window, so we used my friend's cellphone and called the home phone (none of us owned cells at the time). It rang loudly and we watched the guy run full speed off the deck. As soon as he ran away, the three of us ran screaming upstairs and told my dad. He called the cops and they searched the streets, but never found the guy.

Now here's where things get weird. So just two weeks earlier, the town's police station sent around notices in our neighborhood telling us that a "person of interest" and dangerous sexual predator who had a warrant for his arrest had been spotted in our area. (link to his Wikipedia below) A tip had said he was staying with a family member three streets down from us. I remember this because I remember my mom (who is a bit paranoid) drove us by the address of the house on the notice one time and made us VERY aware that this was going on and would not let us ride our bikes outside during this time. I remember looking at the house every time we drove by.

Turns out, maybe two or three months later, This same man was apprehended for the kidnappings and abuse and murders of two children and killing their family in Couer d' Alene, Idaho.... only two ish hours away from my house. In some of his interrogations he confessed to stalking the kids by watching their homes at night with what? Night vision goggles. The same green lights we saw that night. I also one time found some obscure website that had some of his writings where he discussed living in Montana at various times, and discussed that right before killing this family he was searching for children to kidnap. We were the same ages as the kids he kidnapped.

Disclaimer: I have no proof that he was the person looking in our window, but the evidence all adds up for me, down to the timeline and area I lived at the time. I won't go into the whole detail of his crimes- they are all over the news and you can read all about them in the links below. I've researched this guy in depth and he was a sick m-fer. He has alleged encrypted diaries of his crimes and flimed the tortures he committed.... so I consider myself blessed. hopefully he stays locked up so I never have to meet him. I know this may also fit in the serial killer sub, but since this was partly my experience I thought I'd share it here as well.

I don't know about you, but this just made me crap my pants, because I couldn't even imagine this happening—even after the girl gives the disclaimer that she has "no proof that he (Joseph E. Duncan III) was the person looking in our window," it's too much of a coincidence to think that it wasn't him.

Duncan is currently on death row after kidnapping, sexually assaulting and murdering children, confessing to stalking kids with night visions googles—which emit pinpoints of green light like the woman said.

This girl's either paranoid of a few deer in the woods and one hell of a fiction writer, or super lucky that she never had to encounter one of the most lethal serial killers in American history back then—because she may not have lived to tell about it.

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