Woman Possibly Ends The 'Send Nudes' Epidemic With The Most Brilliant Response Ever

Image via Shutterstock

Alright Fellas, I'm going to ask that you grab a cold beer, sit back, and listen intently to what I'm about to say—Do not, I repeat, do NOT attempt to solicit a naked picture from any woman, anywhere—

You WILL look desperate and you WILL look creepy, I promise you that. Additionally, do not send a picture of your genitals to a woman, because while I'm uncertain of exactly what crime you're committing, rest assured it's harassment and frankly, just gross.

If a woman wants to show you her body, she will! If she wants to see your penis, she'll ask!! It's pretty simple and yet, ya'll seem to keep getting it twisted! I really do want to know the appeal of pulling your pants down, whipping it out, taking a snap and sending it to some unsuspecting woman on the internet...that you don't know!

Better yet, I'd LOVE to know where you get the confidence to see a woman online and flat out ask to see her most sacred possession, you know, HER PHYSICAL BEING. Seriously, is there anyone more confident than a dude asking a stranger for nudes? I don't think so. Why don't you guys parlay that into, I don't know, a job interview or something.

My absolute favorite thing as of late is finding examples of women savagely trolling the men who attempt to get them to give up the goods. If nothing else, it's a beautifully poignant example of just how smart us women are. This lady is no exception as she brilliant creates the perfect response to shut this guy up!

Now that's how you handle the creepers.

In summary, once more, don't ask for nudes—especially if you're as dumb as this guy!


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