Woman Who Swapped Dirty Pics With Her Married Boss Gets Her Revenge After Being Fired

Image via Facebook

Being fired from any job sucks. Being fired from a job after being "romantically involved" with your married boss after breaking up with your boyfriend and assuming you're safe from being canned sucks a hell of a lot more.

Unfortunately, this is the situation that a 26-year-old care worker named Kaylea Reid recently found herself in—and, after exchanging nude pics with her now former boss, she took out revenge by sending those photos to her guy's wife, per The Sun.

After she lost her job at the Affinity Trust, a charity which supports people with learning disabilities, she decided to shame her boss.

She posted the sexual photographs on the Facebook page for Broadwater Tool Supplies on October 5.

The court heard that Page’s new wife was a director of the business which supplies hand tools to garages, farmers and others across East Anglia.

Mr. Bryant said up to 4,000 people could have seen the offensive Facebook posting.

Reid also tagged in Page’s colleagues on her posting so they could see the pictures as well.

Well, this is no way to handle a separation—whether from work or with a partner in a relationship.

Initially feeling as if she got taken advantage of, Ms. Reid admitted that she was “foolish and naïve," but still posted the photos because she "wanted to be heard." Unfortunately, the event has caused just as much humiliation for her, per The Sun report.

According to the initial report, Kaylea Reid faced a possible two years in prison for the act, but was given a conditional discharge for six months and had to pay the victim just $24.75 for her “provocative behavior.”

This is just another reminder that revenge porn is not the way to go, everybody.

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