Women Are Showing Their Bare Butts To Help 'Make The World Happier', But It Comes With A Risk

Remember yesterday when we told you about that whole tape bikini trend that seemed to be happening for a couple of models? Turns out that wasn't the only awesome thing that people on social media were trying to make popular.

That's because an Instagram account named Cheeky Exploits encourages people to strip their pants off and show their booties all in the name of fun! Yes, it's 2017 and this is the world we live in now, guys.

As the photos below show, the pictures tend to be in exotic places like the beach, desert or some other outdoorsy place, making for one hell of a memory. Problem is, the risque pics are quite the risk, with the Daily Star talking about how some of the exploits can get people arrested!

According to travel safety expert Phil Sylvester, snap your butt with caution, via Daily Star:

“We’re all for free expression in the privacy of your own home, or even in the great outdoors when no one else is around, but be aware that many of the cheeky exploits featured in the account might get you into trouble.”

“Although it is great to feel free and liberated when traveling the world, if you get detained or arrested by police for your bottom selfie and miss a flight or a prepaid tour, your insurance will unlikely pay your claim, simply and understandably because the event is a result of illegal behavior.”

So, while you may not want to join the ranks of these booty showing people, at the very least, you can enjoy what they've been posting online—which is pretty entertaining.

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