23 Times Women Made Booty Shorts The Biggest Distraction On Planet Earth

There's really not much that a woman can't turn from bland to sexy in the blink of an eye. We've showed you how they've made video games hot, sports sizzling, and sandy booties the most arousing thing ever. Well, almost the most arousing thing ever.

Turns out, bare butts aren't always the way to go. Sometimes the sexy lies in the tease and that's exactly what these booty short pictures are doing for us. It doesn't matter the material or color, one thing that's for sure is that CAN'T get enough. Seriously? What's better than showing off those cheeks with enough clothing that it's still publicly acceptable. Hm, I take that back, some of these pics might just be a littttttlee too risque for the public. Not so much because we feel the need to tell women what to wear, but because we'd literally never get anything done if women walked around like this—houses would burn down, natural disasters would go unnoticed, Trump's tweet could be ignored. Hm, now that we think about it, ladies, start wearing these everyday! Please and thank you.

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