Women Fake OGs So Much More Often Than You'd Think

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It's no secret that women fake orgasms, but new research from DrEd.com reveals just how frequently ladies are leaving a little less than satisfied—and it's up to us men to try and change that.

Truth be told, women faking orgasms is so much easier than men—you know, because guys have a certain substance that's released during theirs—but, still, the stats on ladies yelling and moaning to put on a show is pretty alarming.

Guys, a whopping 68 percent of women have faked an orgasm, which, again, probably isn't too surprising when you consider the lady was probably less than thrilled with the performance of her partner.

The study also showed how frequently women experience a real orgasm during sex, how often they do it—which will be a serious shot to all men's egos—and during what type of sexual encounter ladies are most likely to fake one, like one night stands or new relationships.

And, naturally, because women can be absolutely heartless and cold, check out the percentage of women who admitted to repeating their fake orgasm performances, meaning, yep, her partner must have no clue what he/she's doing in bed.

The study consisted of a combined 2,000 men and women from both America and Europe, so it's quite the large sample size here, fellas.

Bottom line is this: We've given you so much advice about orgasms, so, if you find yourself among the men who just can't tickle your woman's fancy, read up and change that ASAP!


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