Women Have Finally Revealed Their Favorite Spot To Have Sex

Image via Shutterstock

Sex is something that's supposed to be fun, so who the hell wants to make it boring by just doing it in the same place over and over? Right, nobody. And because that's the case, we all have fantasies about where the top spots to get down and dirty might be.

Well, thanks to a new survey from Sleep Cupid—who asked 3,000 women their ideal place to have sex—we now know where ladies' ideal place to get naughty is: And it's a flight of stairs!

While, I'm not sure why women would prefer the weird angles on wooden or carpeted steps, it's important to note that it's where the women from the survey prefer.

Maybe more importantly, though, the study also revealed what might stop women from living out those risky spots they fantasize about, with these being the results.

And, of course, because it's important to know when women want to have sex the most, yep, the survey answered that question, too—and the nighttime is the right time.

In essence, all this study reveals is that women enjoy sex on steps during the evening, so, fellas, don't hold out on your partner by keeping it in the bedroom in the morning before work—because she's not going to be too happy about it.


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