Women Love Sex More Than Men Because Things Are More Intense "Down There" (According To Science)

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Most guys would probably go ahead and argue that they're the predominant gender when it comes to thinking about, wanting to have and then actually having sex. Not so fast, though, because a new study shows that it's women who actually love getting down and dirty more than men—and it's because women experience deeper and more varied orgasms than men.

A recent study from Concordia University took a deeper look at how females orgasm, and discovering that females have at least four orgasmic zones. These include the clitoris, the internal region around the G-spot and cervix, as well as non-genital areas like the nipples, per DailyStar.

In a statement, the study’s senior author Jim Pfaus said: “Orgasms don’t have to come from one site, nor from all sites.

“And they don’t have to be the same for every woman, nor for every sexual experience even in the same woman, to be whole and valid.

“It is likely that women have an enormous capacity to experience orgasms of many different types. The subjective experience of it is not necessarily the same for each woman, and can even be different each time a woman has one. Those differences span physiology and psychology.”

“Unlike men, women can have a remarkable variety of orgasmic experiences, which evolve throughout the lifespan."

So, contrary to popular belief, just because us men tend to think about sex 24/7, doesn't actually mean that we enjoy it more than women—and we can thank science for giving us such joy in our day.


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