So, Uh, Women Sort Of Prefer Men Who Look Like Their Brother (Per Study)

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Before I get into the statistics, I have some anecdotal evidence both supporting and discounting this study. I do happen to know a girl who for one reason or another always ends up with dudes who look just like her brother. To be fair, she and her brother look A LOT alike—so, in that capacity she may just trying to be date the male version of herself (which seems VERY likely, as she's notoriously self-absorbed). On the flip side, there's me, who for all intents and purposes tends to be attracted to people who look absolutely nothing like anyone in my family.

Already we have two examples that are circumstantial at best. Meaning, as with all things relating to physical attraction, it's incredibly subjective! I don't think anyone is taking this study as bible, but it does offer some weird evidence. According to The Independent—"Researchers found 'clear evidence for perceptual similarity in facial photographs of a woman’s partner and her brother'. If the chance that a participant would pick the woman's partner was one in four, the raw data showed people were picking the partner more than that. Once the researchers had taken all the variables into account, the rate was around 27 per cent."

27 per cent is creepy, but livable. Like, I can totally live with that knowledge that hypothetically 27 per cent of women are boning someone who looks like their brother. Why can I live with this? Because it's NOT actually incest and that's all that matters, right?

"[Our findings] were not a rule or true of every woman but we do find that, at levels greater than chance, partners did show some subtle resemblance to the women's brothers,' lead researcher Tamsin Saxton told The Independent."

To read the full study, head here.

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