Women Reveal The Awkward Times They Got Busy In A Car

I can't speak for everyone reading, but I'd venture to say that a majority of sexually active people have taken their love making behind the wheel a time or two. Whether it was a moment of passionate teenage lust (can't exactly do the whole bedroom thing with Mom home) or even a grown-up attempt to spice things up (because the higher we get in age, the duller things in the bedroom become)—there's just something tempting AF about going for a car ride (I'm sorry, that pun simply could NOT be avoided here).

Here's the problem with car sex—as great as it is, there's SO many unexpected variables and unfortunately, these poor women are proof of that. Let's all give them huge props for being brave enough to share their horror stories with Cosmo and hopefully we can all learn or thing or two—

Turns Out Old MacDonald Is A Peeping Tom

"My boyfriend and I were headed to some shopping outlets way out in the country when we suddenly couldn't wait to have sex. We pulled off the highway and parked in the middle of nowhere by a huge field. He climbed into the passenger seat and I straddled him. We were so caught up in the act that we didn't see the tractor speeding toward us across the field until it parked right up against the chain link fence separating us, giving the driver a clear view through the driver's side. My boyfriend and I awkwardly stumbled out of the passenger side while a farmer continued to look at us. No words were exchanged with the curious stranger as we situated ourselves back in the car and sped off. Now that man is my husband and he is scarred for life from ever having sex in a car again." —Katie, 32

Canine C*ckblocking

"My now-husband and I were 19 and sitting in his car right outside his house (he was sitting in the driver's seat and I was bent over giving him oral). Just as we were really getting into it, his dog noticed that he was home and came barking and jumping up on the car door, scaring the living daylights out of me. I jumped up as my boyfriend leaned forward and my head got pushed against the horn. The horn was going for, like, 30 seconds and his parents ran out to see what was going on while his package was still out and I was still slightly hunched over. His parents still tease us about it." —Rene, 26

Can You Blame The Guy?

"I was on a second date with this guy and we'd spent all of dinner playing footsie under the table. He walked me back to my car and went to kiss me good night and things immediately got so hot and heavy that we took it into my car. A few minutes into me going down on him in the car, he tapped me on the head politely and said, in the manner in which you would try to get a waitress's attention, 'Umm.' I removed myself from his penis and looked up to find a homeless person staring into the car window! I asked the guy how long the homeless man had been there. He guessed, 'Couple minutes?' He had let someone watch me give him oral sex for a couple of minutes because he didn't want to stop me. That's how much guys like blow jobs. " —Tess, 32

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