Women Reveal The Most Mind-Numbing Thing A Man Has Ever Done Between The Sheets

While every single guy thinks he knows the secret recipe when it comes to sex, the truth is we know almost nothing. I mean, sure, we have a general idea as to what pleases a woman the most—that's what you read our sex advice for, right?—but, in terms of "that thing" getting every woman off isn't reality.

Believe it or not, ladies are different (shocking), meaning, what works one one might not even feel good to another.

This is an important lesson to learn and understand, which is why our good friends over at Cosmo saw the need to interview a bunch of ladies in their twenties to figure out the most mind-blowing things that men have done to them during sex.

As you could probably imagine, the replies are a mixed bag of advice, with some women saying they enjoyed the teasing, others talked about sex toys and a few went a little less detailed and kept things as simple as kissing and rubbing the neck.

So, although some men just think that sexual chemistry is enough and that women want to be plowed as if they were in an X-rated flick, this information should absolutely open your eyes to understand that's anything but the case—well, for some ladies.

You can see all of the 25 replies over at Cosmo.

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