Women Reveal Their Biggest Bedroom Deal-Breakers And Uh, Shouldn't You Be Taking Notes?

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I know this is a strange concept for men to grasp, but yes, there are in fact some instances when sex seems less than ideal. No, the apocalypse is not what I'm referring to, it doesn't have to be that extreme, Fellas.

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I don't want to overstep and assume that men don't have sexual dealbreakers whatsoever, because it's possible they do, I've just never heard of any. I mean, if having a wife and children isn't a deterrent, what is? An STD? A vagina with teeth? I'm grasping at straws here, let's move on.

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So where man fail to be bothered by damn near anything, women pick up the slack, ten-fold! They have plenty of sexual dealbreakers, but these four are being highlighted specifically, as perhaps they're the most popular (at least within the confines of a survey of 2,000 participants via Sappio).

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I'm going to go ahead and put my two-cents in here and agree 100%. It's not that there's anything wrong with getting/giving oral without showering first, it's just more comfortable if you do.

Frankly, I think that's some anti-feminist bullshit and it's pretty sad to me that WOMEN are the biggest perpetrators of the stigma. Put a towel down, most men don't care! Really ya'll, it's not that gross. It's the only blood-shed that doesn't come from violence...think about that for a second. Deep, right?

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I get it, what's the point? Why party alone with someone else in the room?

Porn is incredibly unrealistic and I think it would be doing your sex life a disservice to watch perfectly bleached buttholes with your partner in the room.

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