21 Times Women Made Yoga Pants The Sexiest Look Of 2017

Give us yoga pants, or give us death — that's our motto. Sure, thong bikinis are ideal, but there's just something magical about the perfect outline of a woman's bottom through her workout pants. To be fair — and no judgement, ladies — it seems a lot of y'all are wearing these "yoga" pants to the grocery store, rather than actually going to yoga, but, hey! We're not complaining in the least.

Frankly, you can wear them to a funeral and we don't think anyone would complain. OK, that was morbid, our apologies. Let's try that again! You can wear them literally anywhere (except a funeral) and we don't think anyone would take issue. Also, guys, let's clarify: leggings and yoga pants are not the same thing. Y'all have to get it straight — yoga pants offer extra support that really lift and tighten the buns. So much so, that they actually become something you'd consider taking a bite out of. Don't do that, ever, obviously. Well, unless she's cool with it. Because, you know, some people are into that.

Of course, being the kind and generous folks we are here at FHM, we couldn't very well leave you guys hanging after only 7 booty-full yoga pants moments. We just had, had, had to up the anti and double it, no, triple it! Believe us, if we had it our way, we'd do nothing else but sit here and admire, well, erm, butts. We have a feeling that you guys will have to agree, so, when you're done re-watching the video a couple hundred times, go ahead and and check out the gallery below. Oh, and don't ask us to pick a favorite, because that would be simply impossible.

Lead Image Via Instagram/jenselter

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