Gal Gadot's Film Guide Proves That She's A True Wonder Woman

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Is it really surprising to anyone that Gal Gadot, the actress who has come to embody Wonder Woman for audiences around the world, had gotten her start as a model and beauty pageant contestant? We didn't think so either.

Born in Petah Tikva, Israel on April 30, 1985, Gal's background includes a two-year stint as an enlisted soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, which she came out of noting, "You give two or three years and it's not about you. You learn discipline and respect." That's inspiring, and we certainly respect the fact that she also, at the age of 18, won the 2004 Miss Israel Beauty Pageant and that same year competed in the Ecuador Miss Universe pageant. During this time she also was a model for campaigns launched by Miss Sixty, Captain Morgan rum, smartphones from Huawei, and was the face of Gucci's Bambook perfume brand. She also participated in a photo shoot for Maxim magazine under the umbrella title "Women Of The Israeli Army", and became a cover girl for such magazines as Bride, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Fashion and even our own FHM.


In terms of acting, she auditioned to be James Bond's leading lady in Daniel Craig's second 007 adventure, Quantum Of Solace. And while she didn't get that role, things did heat up from there as she found herself cast in the Israeli TV series Bubot, which in turn led to her debut as Gisele Yashar in Fast & Furious. A number of other roles followed, though the thing that truly turned her career around, and instantly transformed her into a household name, was director Zack Snyder casting her in the dual role of Diana Prince and Wonder Woman in last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which in turn led to this summer's Wonder Woman and November's Justice League. And plans already call for her to reprise the role in 2019's Wonder Woman 2. Additionally, it's been announced that she'll be starring with Bradley Cooper in Deeper, described by IMDB as follows: "A deep-sea dive turns into an unexpected psychological exploration for a former astronaut who signed up for the mission."

What follows is a guide to Gal's film and TV roles over the years.

Bubot (2007-08)

This Israeli TV series costarred Gal in the role of Miriam “Merry” Elkayam. The show is set in the modeling world, exploring intrigue, conspiracies and, of course, love (awwww).

Entourage (2004-11)

HBO series about movie star Vince Chase and various friends and hanger-ons. Gal appeared in the 2009 episode “Amongst Friends” as the character Lisa.

The Beautiful Life (2009)

Gal starred as Olivia in this short-lived series about a group of models who decide to live together in a New York co-residence.

Fast & Furious (2009)

Fourth entry in the phenomenally successful cars as stars film series. In this installment, Gal debuts in the role of Gisele Yashar, the liaison for Mexican drug lord Arturo Braga. Her vehicle of choice is a white Porsche Cayman.

Date Night (2010)

Steve Carrell and Tina Fey star in this comedy about a married couple whose attempt for an exciting romantic evening turns into something far more dangerous than they expected. Gal is the character Natanya.

Knight And Day (2010)

Cameron Diaz comes into contact with a Tom Cruise’s spy character who is desperately trying to clear his name, drawing her into his world in the process. Gal plays the lethal henchwoman to the main villain.

Asfur (2011)

In this Israeli series Gal played the character of Kika. The show is about four guys living on a Jerusalem farm who have a month to raise $55,000 or they’ll lose their home to foreclosure.

Fast Five (2011)

Gisele, as played by Gal, is back as the Vin Diesel-led team of drivers must deal with a Brazilian drug lord and an FBI agent (Dwayne Johnson’s introduction as Hobbs) as they plan their biggest heist ever.

Kathmandu (2012)

Continuing to alternate between films and Israeli TV series, Gal plays Yamit Bareli. Describes IMDB, “A young ultra-orthodox couple volunteer to establish a ‘Chabad House’ in Kathmandu for Israeli backpackers.”

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

FBI agent Hobbs has Dominic pull their team together to take on a team of mercenaries. Gal is back as Gisele. By this point the Fast franchise had gotten HUGE.

Kicking Out Shoshana (2014)

In this Israeli film, Gal plays Mirit Ben Harush, girlfriend of a Mafia boss. When football player Ami Shosghan flirts with it, the gangster forces him to announce himself as a homosexual (hey, don’t blame us for this plot!). As a result, he’s ostracized by his fellow players, but becomes a hero of the gay movement.

Furious 7 (2015)

For fans of Gal Gadot, you could drive yourself crazy looking for her appearance in the seventh installment of the Fast franchise. That’s because she only appears in a deleted scene on the DVD release.

Triple 9 (2016)

Corrupt cops and a criminal gang come together to plot the murder of cop to pave the way for a huge heist. Gal plays the character Elena Vlaslov.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)

Gal makes her debut as Wonder Woman, and she ends up being a beacon of light in a film that is mired in darkness as two heroes who have no business fighting, take each other on. Great moment during a battle with Doomsday, where the creatures swats her aside and as she stands back up, there’s a smile on her face. Awesome!

Criminal (2016)

Now this is a bizarre one: upon his death, the memories of a CIA agent are transferred into the mind of a death-row inmate in the hopes that they’ll be able to complete his mission to stop a deadly plot. Gal plays Jill Pope.

Keeping Up With The Jonses (2016)

As Natalie Jones, Gal gets to play her humorous and kick-ass action sides as one-half of a couple (Jon Hamm is the other) who try to be normal neighbors to a suburban couple they’ve moved next door to (played by Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher). Needless to say, there’s nothing normal here.

Wonder Woman (2017)

The origin of Wonder Woman with Gal soaring and bringing hope to the DC Comics universe. Set during World War I, she teams up with Chris Pines’ Steve Trevor as they attempt to turn the tide of the war by taking down the god of war, Ares. One of the biggest hits of 2017 and for good reason. Gal and director Patty Jenkins make a great team, and they’ll be going for the encore in 2019.

Justice League (2017)

Anticipation is high for this one, representing the first time ever that DC’s biggest heroes come together in live action. Gal’s Wonder Woman is joined by Ben Affleck’s Batman, Ezra Miller’s Flash, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Henry Cavill’s Superman. Can. Not. Wait.

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