Ryan Reynolds' Personal Trainer Gives Tips On How To Get The Actor's Physique

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I hate to say it, but yes, the more your body looks like Ryan Reynolds' the more likely you are to date a woman as beautiful as Blake Lively. Shallow? Oh, 100% True? 200%

I don't believe that the motivation to get fit should come from anywhere but within. However, I'm pretty certain wanting to be physically appealing in order to attract women is a desire that comes from within, no?

That being said, Hollywood Celebrity trainer, Don Saladino is here to offer some sage health and fitness advice to get you lookin' all Deapool-esque and sexy.

In an interview with the Daily Mail

"When it comes to exercise, Saladino says there is a misconception that fat loss equals cardio and to build muscle, you weight train. But the two are actually not so different.'Toning and fat burning are very similar. We actually need a lot less cardio than people think,' he said. 'Ryan Reynolds, for example, he weight trains and resistance trains, you never see that guy on the treadmill.' The same is true for Reynolds's wife, Blake Lively. Two moves Saladino uses during their training sessions are loaded carries (holding a kettlebell in one hand and walk for a certain amount of distance or time) and sledding (pushing or pulling a 'sled' of weights over a particular distance). 'At the end of the day, you have to do the work that will burn the most calories at rest, the "afterburn", and what that comes down to is weight training." he said.

Saladino also suggests that the number one thing to assist in weight loss and fitness is a good night's sleep—"Sleep is how we repair our hormones so that we're functioning optimally during our workouts. You burn calories at rest and when you get proper sleep, your energy levels are better. So you're more active during the day. I make sure I'm in bed by 9pm every night."

9 PM?! Yeah, good joke. It's nice idea in theory though.

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