Getting Busy At Work Is More Common Than You Think, And We're Not Talking About Filing Papers

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Office romances are a lot more common than people think. No matter how many times you tell someone, "Don't dip the pen in company ink", relationships at work seem to bloom regardless! Now, to be clear, "relationship" is the operative word here, guys. Sexual or otherwise, this survey stresses that all encounters of the romantic variety are 100%, without a doubt, consensual.

The people at Saucy Dates explained that because there has been much more awareness of sexual harassment in the work place and more people are speaking out about their experiences, they wanted to find out what workers who consented to sexual interaction did at their place of work. That being said, they made this their largest survey to date! Asking an international group of 20,238 participants the following question about their office romance behaviors:

"Have you done any of the following at work (select all the apply):"

There were no explanations or follow-up questions provided by the participants/surveyors. In the infographic, you'll find the definitive results of the study.

Infographic courtesy of Saucydates.com

As you can see, the results are pretty, well, shocking! The fact that 20% of males and 18% of females have masturbated at work, yikes! Talk about making real personal use of company time. Masturbation at work actually ranked higher percentage-wise than both oral sex and sex, very interesting. We do see that kissing leads with 28%, which, again, so long as it's consensual seems like pretty mild workplace shenanigans (given the full list).

To read the full study, head over to Saucy Dates.

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