Need A Good (And Effective) Hangover Cure? World-Renowned Chefs Reveal Their Top Secrets

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Everyone has their favorite hangover cure—ours involves four Tylenol and three pints of water before bed during a night out, then a bunch of eggs and toast the morning after. But, which ones are the most effective?

Since we've all experienced with a number of different methods, the good people at Munchies decided to go to some of the experts. No, not scientists—those guys don't drink, silly—but top chefs from around the world, who revealed their go-to hangover cures for all of us to try out.

Laurence Isaacson, co-owner of L’Escargot in Soho, London

  • “Half a dozen snails in garlic sauce and a glass of Pernod on ice, followed by a double espresso. And a walk on the wild side.”

Lee Tiernan, owner and chef of Black Axe Mangal

  • “I mean it’s hard to beat a fry up, isn’t it? Chinese food is fucking amazing too but way less accessible. Have to go with the fry up and a mug of tea, followed by Ridley Scott’s Gladiator on the sofa in my pants.”

Josh Katz, chef and owner of Berber & Q and Shawarma Bar

  • “My cure for a hangover is always a salt beef sandwich on rye, preferably from Monty’s Deli, who make the best salt beef in London. It’s perfect comfort food and gets you back on your feet in no time.”

Jackson Berg, head chef and co-owner of Xiringuito

  • “San Pellegrino grapefruit flavour. It’s like the elixir of life when it goes down the hatch. Also a trip to Yo Sushi!. I can sit in that place for hours watching the belt go round and soaking up the sushi with excessive amounts of soy and wasabi paste.”

Conor Sheehan, front-of-house and co-owner of Xiringuito

  • “Sparkling water is always a help first thing. Then when I’m ready for food, a pad Thai, spring rolls, and a beer usually sort me out.”

Ryan Chetiyawardana, bartender and owner of London bars White Lyan and Dandelyan

  • “My family super power is not getting hungover, so I’m not a mess the next day (thankfully!), but I still hanker for a few things when I’ve been out drinking. The ultimate for me though is a mug of tea. Although I’m a huge advocate of real tea, at this point, it’s 100-percent builder’s tea—brewed hot and strong with full fat milk—served with a bacon and tattie scone roll with mustard and ketchup. There’s nothing this combo can’t fix.”

Daniel Heffy, head chef of Buyer’s Club in Liverpool

  • “My perfect hangover cure is spicy chicken wings—usually of the KFC variety!”

Edson Diaz-Fuentes, Mexican chef formerly of East London’s Santo Remedio

  • “There is no better hangover cure than chilaquiles verdes with a fried egg on top and washed down with an Ojo Rojo (a beer with tomato juice and spicy salsas). It’s tasty, filling, spicy, and delicious.”

Stevie Parle, chef and restaurateur behind Dock Kitchen, Rotorino, Craft London, Sardine, and Palatino

  • “The first thing I reach for is coffee. My go-to is the back garden roast served at Craft London, where I also pick up a restorative carb-friendly pastry to soak up the alcohol. If I’m still feeling ropey later on in the day a huge plate of warm bucatini carbonara sorts me out—the pepper really helps pick you up off the floor!”

Bruno Loubet, chef-patron of Grain Store

  • “I’m not a big drinker, but if I do have a night out, the day after I always crave a vegetable broth—simple, delicious, and full of nutrients, it gets me back on track. A pint of water with two Beroccas is also a must. It’ll make you feel better in no time.”

Harneet Baweja, founder of modern Indian restaurant Gunpowder in London

  • “My go-to hangover cure starts by mixing leftover rice with onion, tomato, ginger, and garlic. Fry it all with an egg plus any odds and ends you have in the fridge. It’s a quick and easy version of Masala fried rice and the rice works well at soaking up the alcohol.”

Elizabeth Allen, chef-founder of Kaizen House, a restaurant company in London

  • “Mine is always a big steaming bowl of noodle soup of some sort, like pho or ramen noodles with lots of chili and meat.”

To see some of the other hangover cures, head on over to Munchies, where you can choose the best option for your low-functioning ass after a rough night out.


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