Calling All Sports Gamblers: The Most Profitable Teams To Bet On This Year Will Undoubtedly Win You Cash

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World sports betting is something that, as I've said before, I am absolutely horrible at. Maybe it's the fact that I overthink things thanks to my encyclopedia-like sports knowledge, causing me to second-guess what my gut is really telling me I should do. Or, maybe I'm just too scared to throw away my money at something with such risk. I mean, it could always be that I just suck, period, but I'm competitive AF, so I don't want to admit that.

However, for you people out there who do partake in sports gambling — with, hopefully, more luck than I have — we've got some info that you're probably more than just a little bit interested in. No, it's not the results of big-time world sports betting events like the Super Bowl or March Madness, but it is a list of the 10 most profitable sports teams this year, meaning they will be the ones that can win you some serious money when you throw your money down.


Thanks to the online sports gambling OddsShark, we now have the list of the top moneyline teams in the NBA, NHL and NCAA men's college hoops. For those unfamiliar with sports betting language, when betting the moneyline, that team needs to win outright, with odds affecting the potential payouts. So, whom should you be taking to get the biggest payout, here are the top-10 teams (based of $100 bets).

  1. Vegas Golden Knights (NHL): +$2020
  2. Detroit Pistons (NBA): +$1441
  3. Phoenix Suns (NBA): +$1274
  4. Boston Celtics (NBA): +$1228
  5. Drexel Dragons (NCAAB): +$1182
  6. Arizona State Sun Devils (NCAAB): +$1026
  7. Long Beach State 49ers (NCAAB): +$992
  8. Cal Poly Mustangs (NCAAB): +$990
  9. Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL): +$954
  10. NC State Wolfpack (NCAAB): +$895

The top team on the list, the NHL's Las Vegas Golden Knights, shouldn't really come as a big surprise considering they're an expansion team that had low expectations. But, with them overachieving and destined for the postseason, they might become your new favorite team.

That said, now, just because these are the most profitable sports teams based off the moneyline and a $100 bet in 2018, per OddsShark, remember that sports betting isn't an exact science, guys, so don't just start being a bandwagon fan and only putting money on these squads. That said, maybe you get lucky like some of the other people we've seen before and take home thousands of dollars for going with your gut. After all, this is coming from a guy who hasn't won anything when sports gambling, so what in the hell do I know?


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