Here's The World's Fastest Bumper Car (And It Might Just Outrace A Lambo)

Image Via YouTube/colinfurze

Colin Furze is a pretty insane dude. He's a bit like a mad scientist without the crazy hair and lab coat. Scratch that, his hair actually is a bit unkempt. Sorry Colin, no judgement! It's nothing a little hair product and a comb couldn't fix.

If the name isn't ringing a bell for you, he's a popular YouTuber, filmmaker, stuntman, and inventor. Strangely enough, he started off as a plumber. Not sure how he gravitated from toilets to bumper cars, but we're happy he did because this video is sick.



Okay, so to be fair, a Lamborghini at top speed clocks in around 220 mph, but seriously this is a f'in bumper car hitting 107!! That's pretty impressive if you ask me. It's only 113 MPH shy of living up to one of the most luxury sport and racing cars on the market.

Yes, 113 seems like a considerably speed gap, but can you please take a minute to think about the bumper cars you frequented as a child? Remember how sluggish and boring they were? If this thing came at you full speed (bumper and all), you'd be dead.

Lead Image Via YouTube/colinfurze

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