World's Oldest Adult Film Star Reveals How He's Kept 'The Blood Flowing' For This Long

Image via Twitter

I guess I've never really though about how male porn stars are forced out of the game until today. I mean, it makes a lot of sense. Eventually, you're "body" stops working the way it used to. Then again, I never assumed that men stayed in the industry that long. Doesn't there ever come a point where constant sex is just too much? Ha, yeah, no, I take that back. It sounds ideal, always.

Anyway, it turns out some dudes stick with it welllllll past their prime. The New York Post reports:

"Shigeo Tokuda, 82, only became an adult entertainer when he was around the age of 70."

70?! He started this porn career at 70-years-old?? That's 20 years post-midlife crisis. This guy was really looking to make a change, huh?

So how exactly does a 70-year-old man continue to get it up on camera for 12-years? Well, the secret is a lot less exotic than you may think. Here I am thinking it was some sort of mystical herb or potion when in reality, it's something you can purchase at the grocery store. The regular grocery store! Not a grocery store on the black market.

Tokuda said: “People are always asking me about my perseverance, but I don’t do anything special. That said, I do try to lead a proper lifestyle every day.If we’re talking about things that give you stamina, I eat eggs every day. I love rice topped with raw egg.”

Well, there you have it gentleman. So long as you make the conscious effort to live a decently healthy lifestyle and incorporate eggs into your diet, you should be able to maintain an erection well beyond the age that anyone is interested in sleeping with you without the promise of payment and exposure.

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