Hate Your Boss? Just Be Happy They're Not These Four Psychopaths

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Think you have the boss from hell? Does he refuse to pay you overtime, constantly demeans you in front of your co-workers, belittles your efforts, and makes you feel like your existence is meaningless? Well, cheer up! Not because things will get better (they won't), but because there are sadder saps out there with worse bosses than you.

It's true. Check out the video below to see some of the most cringeworthy "boss from hell" stories we've ever heard.

Now those stories are pretty bad, but those don't even stack up to another account about a guy whose boss banned reading during lunch breaks. Why? Because his douche of a supervisor thought reading was persuading employees to take longer breaks.

“I explained to them that cell phones and social media and the like also contain letters and that this constitutes as ‘reading material,'" the disgruntled employee wrote on Reddit. "The owner's response was ‘I don't want to ban cell phones’ … So to them cell phones are OK, but a book is not.”

If you're shaking your head in pity for this guy, don't feel too bad. He found an ingenious solution to the whole thing.

“I'll be reading my books in ebook format now," he wrote.

But aside from letting psychopaths be in charge of other people, the problem of "bad bosses" is actually a huge epidemic here in the U.S. According to a study, half of workers in the States leave their jobs because of some jerk manager they hate. The reason? Lack of communication, poor engagement, and lack of passion. Which is weird, because those are the same words we would normally use to describe a relationship.

SO, the next time you and your boss get in another crazy argument, just think that maybe, just maybe, deep down inside they have the hots for you.

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