The Worst Dares Anyone Has Had To Do (As Told By The Internet)

We know it might just seem like innocent schoolyard hijinks, but "Truth or Dare" is the devil's work. Yep, you heard us! It's downright Satanic and unfortunately, it only gets worse the older you get! Don't believe us? You might start singing a different tune after checking out the worst dares we could find on the internet. Not to ignore the whole "truth" aspect, but c'mon, anyone with half a brain knows to lie when they pick truth, duh.

Now, dare on the other hand, that's a lot harder to get out of! Between the peer pressure and possible wagers involved, people end up doing REALLY stupid sh*t. No, beyond just stupid — freakin' dangerous. We strongly advise you don't repeat anything you read below. If you do though, feel free to contact us about it. Maybe we can do a story on it. Just kidding. What are you crazy? Don't do it, guys. Read, laugh, then continue with your normal boring lives, OK?

For the worst dares we could find on the internet, keep on scrolling!