A Surprising Amount Of Men Would Sleep With A Robot, But Not Date One (WTF, Guys?)

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When it comes to technological advances in the name of medicine, I'm cool with it! When it comes to technological advances in the name of transportation, I'm also cool with it! When it comes to technological advances in the name of ...well, orgasming, I'm a litttttle skeptical. It's not so much that I think it's unnatural to want companionship and sexual pleasure, I just think it's unnatural to get those things from someone that HUMAN. Who knows though, I guess I've never been that desperate—yet.

Harriet Sugar Cookie decided to take her curiosity about artificial intelligence and sex to the streets. The answers we're pretty diverse ranging from a bold no's to hesitant, yet intrigued yes's. Perhaps men were less inclined to be truthful on camera, because when an anonymous survey was conducted the results in favor of sex robots were staggering!

Over 500 men in North America, the UK and Australia took part in the survey. The question posed was could they ever have sex with a robot permitting that the robot could mimic human emotions?

"The results were pretty amazing. A full 71 percent of men admitted that they would totally fine with robot sex. In fact only 7 percent absolutely would not have sex with a robot and the remaining 22 percent just weren’t sure."

71 percent isn't just a little bit over half! That's practically ALL men. Which I guess isn't really surprising. I'm sure the stats would have come out a bit differently had it been women answering. Speaking to that point, it gets even more predictable when they men were asked if they'd have a relationship with a sex robot:

"Although many men could happily sleep with a sex robot, things didn’t look all positive for inter-human-robot romance. Only 24 per cent of men thought they could have a relationship with a robot. The majority of men were undecided with 37 per cent unsure."

You can check out the street interview and full infographic of the survey below!

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