Guys Let Girlfriends Go Through Their Phones And, Well, This Is What Happened

Our phones often contain a lot of stuff. Some of it, we don't care if anyone sees. The rest of it, well, maybe not.

Elite Daily found out what happens if you willingly swap mobile devices with your other half.

If you’re the type of person to nervously shudder when someone scrolls through your music and stumbles across your slightly-embarrassing Coldplay playlist, then you're probably too faint-hearted for the video.


“God no” you scream, hurling your phone across the room and out the window into a nearby canal. Relax, it’s just a video. It's not actually happening to you.

But what if it does? What if she asks for your iPhone password? You can't really say no—but you don't want to say yes, because, hello, privacy. Here's a list of pros and cons before you decide whether or not to take the plunge...


  1. Your relationship will experience a newfound level of honesty. There are no secrets between both of you now. Everything is perfect.

  2. That vacation you booked as a surprise is out in the open now, and you've won some serious boyfriend points.

  3. She's the most recent person you searched for on Facebook. More boyfriend points.

  4. She now trusts you implicitly, which is great because she really didn't think much of you beforehand.

  5. Your phone smells a bit nicer now.


  1. She might hijack your Facebook or Twitter for the whole time, instead. God forbid she messes with your Pinterest boards.

  2. Her birthday is coming up soon and she’s just seen your list of ideas for her presents. They’re all terrible, apparently. Her birthday is ruined. Ruined. All because of you.

  3. She might find out how much you spent renewing your season ticket. Gulp.

  4. It's a two-way street. You might just find out about all the nights out she's been invited to by guys you've never heard of.

  5. She's got a smirking face emoji next to your most recent Snapchat. She's one of your best friends, but you're not one of hers...

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