WWE's Kane Will Be Running For Mayor In Tennessee Come 2018

Image Via WWE

I don't want to deliver the obvious jab here, but if Trump can win the presidency, Kane can sure as sh*t be mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. For starters, he's 7-feet-tall and 323 pounds. I'd be scared to death not to vote for him. Seriously, look at what this dude is capable of:


This has been confirmed by WYCB who sat down with the former WWE giant to get his take on what his future in politics holds, oh and by the way, Kane's real name is Glenn Jacobs (how apt):

"Knox County is a great place and we're so happy and feel so blessed to live here," Jacobs said of he and his wife Crystal. "I want to do my part going forward."

For the record, he identifies as a Republican (shocker) and he concluded his formal statement with:

"It's a great time to live in the county, he said, and a great time to live in the South, which is flourishing.

Well, he sure is mighty optimistic with a declaration like that. We wish him the best of the luck come May 1, 2018.


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