WWE's Summer Rae Talks to us About How to Properly Pick up a Lady at The Gym

Danielle Moinet, best known for her role as WWE's own, Summer Rae, was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss all things health and fitness, and by health and fitness, I mean the important stuff, like snagging a date at the gym. With 1.4 million Instagram followers and features in popular video games like WWE 2k14, WWE 2k15, and WWE 2k16, it's clear that Danielle has built a career on keeping her body on point.

She definitely emphasizes keeping things calm, cool, and casual and we have no doubt her tips will help guys everywhere take home a lot more from the gym than just muscle mass.

OK, Point Blank, How Often Do You Get Hit On At The Gym?

"I would say I get hit on at the gym a good amount, but it all depends on which gym I go to. If it’s a gym that is known for being a social scene, then I get hit on more than normal, but I tend to stay away from those."

Would You Ever Recommend The Gym As A Good Place to Approach A Woman?

"Yes, if you are into health and fitness and go to the gym a lot and it’s something that’s important to you, then yeah, I’d recommend at least approaching someone. Obviously not with a full blown cheesy pick up line, but it’s very important for people to have common interests while dating. Health and fitness are so big in my life that I would want a partner who is also into health and fitness."

If Not The Gym, Where's The Ideal Place For A Guy To At Least Try?

"A good place, if not at the gym, is a juice bar nearby or a health food place. You never want to approach a girl while she’s in the middle of a set or doing cardio. It can be invasive. The grocery store is also a great place. Women don’t expect it as much, as opposed to the club!"

What Are Some Of The Creepy Things You've Seen Guys Do At The Gym To Try and Impress Or Hit On You?

"One of the more laughable things I see at the gym is when a guy is doing a certain amount of sets, or lifts, or curls and then jumps up a crazy weight because he sees you, but then has bad form. Or even when a guy that never does cardio, starts doing it because he sees you there. I think some guys want it to be obvious.

Lamest Pick-Up Line You've Ever Heard?

Excuse me, but you owe me a water. (I said why?) Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.

If You Could Come Up With The Best Pick-Up Line To Use At The Gym, What Would It Be?

If a girl works hard on her body and it’s an important part of her life, I think complimenting her body is something that could be good. NOT IN A CREEPY WAY! Go up to a girl and say you’ve seen her there before and tell her she has great legs and you can tell she works hard on them. The key is to walk away. Don’t linger and make it weird. Men should compliment women more. It’s so far and few between! It’ll leave a good impression.

How About For Those In A Relationship, Think Going To The Gym Together Is A Good Place to Go With A Girlfriend/Wife?

I think going to the gym with your significant other is great! Health and fitness is important to me and my personal life. Being able to tell your spouse you want to go to the gym is a great way to share time and be around the person you’re with. Traveling on the road as much as I do, it’s hard to be with someone all the time. Maximizing your time and going to the gym is great!

Finally, You've Got To Tell Us, Have YOU Ever Hit On A Guy At The Gym? If So, How'd It Go?

No, I don’t think I’ve ever fully hit on a guy at the gym. I don’t really hit on anyone ever…I’m not that forward. I see the same people at the gym and say hi, or exchange a look or smile. I have never fully hit on someone from the gym, but I have definitely thrown some looks. I’m just surprisingly a little shy.

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