The Trailer For 'Wrestling Chyna' Proves That She Really Was The 'Ninth Wonder Of The World'

Image Via YouTube

As many of know, WWE's superstar female wrestler, Chyna, passed away real name, Joan Laurer, at the age of 45-years-old a year ago, today. Upon news of her death FHM immediately commemorated the icon, as she was apart of this brand's family: "Chyna was a staple and crowd favorite during the WWE's famed Attitude Era, and was the first female pro wrestler to be given title card matches outside of the Women's Championship, including a shot at the WWE Championship belt. She remains the only woman to ever win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Outside the ring, Chyna permeated the broader pop culture sphere as a reality TV star, Playboy model and TV and film actress. In 2001, she was named among FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World and celebrated at the official party in LA with the magazine (as pictured above). She spent the latter part of her career as an adult film actress and celebrity personality."

At the time, her death was not confirmed, however we now know it was deemed an accidental drug overdose. She continues to be an inspiration to women everywhere for her unwavering strength both in and out the ring. This documentary will undoubtedly be a tear-jerker, as it follows Chyna throughout the last year of her life. Filmmaker Eric Angra describes his experience during shooting the documentary:

"In the last few weeks of her life, we all did become concerned that she was actually having a real problem," he recently told E! News. "We reached out to the management and we reached out to her lawyers. They were all scrambling trying to get her help and that's something I'll live with the rest of my life. Just feeling like I didn't do enough and the guilt of that."


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