Yanet Garcia, The Sexiest Weather Girl Ever, Has A YouTube Channel Full Of Flirty Lingerie Vids

While we can all just go to Instagram and check out all the sexy things that Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia posts on the regular, what fun is that if it's not in motion, where she's able to be flirty and engaging, right?

That's why we were pumped up when we found out Yanet has her very own YouTube channel, that's chock full of videos that include a hell of a lot of lingerie, dancing and, well, general awesomeness.

This video's sort of a good description of the things Yanet Garcia does there.


Yanet's clearly a pro when it comes to being on camera since, you know, it is her job. But instead of delivering the weather and looking good, we're able to see her do things like work on her perfect butt.


With "only" 212,000 followers, we have a feeling that will just continue to rise now that everyone on the Internet's just figuring out that this thing exists!


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