13 Times Yanet Garcia Made Instagram Hot, Hot, Hot

Image Via Instagram/iamyanetgarcia

I don't know about you guys, but if the weather reporter on News 12 New Jersey looked anything like Yanet Garcia, I'd be far more inclined to watch. Instead, it's a middle-aged man who gets entirely too enthusiastic about meteorology, even if the forecast is predicting rain—riddle me that. With a whopping 4.9 million Instagram followers, Garcia has amassed some serious social media fame, and really, how can we blame people for jumping on The Yanet Wagon?! We've been swooning over her for months!

Not only is the 26-year-old Mexican beauty a kickass weather girl, she also has her own YouTube channel where she vlogs about her daily life (we highly recommend subscribing, even if you don't speak Spanish). Her Instagram is also full of fitness tutorials were Garcia shows off the goods. The lady knows her stuff and certainly wears the hell out of some yoga pants and who doesn't love a good pair of yoga pants, amirite?!

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Since it's her job to predict the heat index, we thought we'd give her a break for the day and bring ya'll some pictures we know are hot, hot, hot! 13 of 'em, in fact. Be warned, if you're looking to cool down, the following images are not your best bet!

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