Yep, Britney Spears Just Suffered A Wardrobe Malfunction And Her Boob Popped Out On Stage (Video)

Image via YouTube

Everyone's all-time favorite crush, Britney Spears, sure doesn't seem to give a f*ck about a single thing. And, during a performance in Las Vegas last night, Brit went to all-time levels with that mentality, because the 35-year-old singer performed for about 15 seconds or so with her boobs just flopping around onstage after she fell victim to a wardrobe malfunction.

Of course, there's video.


A seasoned vet when it comes to performing and, more importantly, ignoring the "small" things that spontaneously occur during a song, Britney Spears just kept moving along, dancing around and belting her lungs out as her breast just hung out.

Accidents like this happen, guys—but they're a hell of a lot better when they happen with women as sexy as Britney Spears is. Here's to hoping her stylist lived another day with a job after this.

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